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I’m Tim Judge:

I have been a realtor since 1990 and worked for multiple firms before opening my own shop. I’ve had a few people on my team.  I have had multiple office locations and even sat on site in a model unit and managed a residential development.

When I started back then, I was 23 and defaulted to be the computer expert for the office full of “experienced” agents.  I was always looking for ways to get more homes viewed by more people.  In the early 90’s we were still using listing books!  It wasn’t that long ago. (right?) I remember when the online version went from 6 to 15 pictures! LOL how funny is that – the excitement.  My broker was asking me if we should go with a 11g or 14.4 speed modem – it’s just amazing how far we have come in such a short time. And as we all know things are moving faster.

When I broke out on my own I went and took any class I could, and every convention I could get into.  It was actually Brad Inman that sparked my idea that very office website will be like a television station.  That’s when HomeSearchTV.com was born.


Get yours before its snatched up!

Do you want to network with the people that ACTUALLY do business in real estate?  Not just  some newly minted expert coach.


When you join you will become part of the mastermind group that will meet at least once a week to share what’s working NOW.  Rub elbows with like-minded agents who are capitalising on the power of video.  Join the ranks of stellar agents that are building their library of local videos that will prove to be their greatest asset in the future.  Be seen online as the local expert bury you competition in so many videos that you take over the front page of google.

Now I can’t guarantee any google rankings but I have some on the front page of Google and the rest of the members on HSTV will have page one rankings.  So working together we can push ourselves to the top and promote each other as THE SOURCE for online real estate and community information.

Tired of chasing all the new and shiny objects?

We all get bombarded with the next best thing, the next NINJA system, latest FUNNEL hack or the magic BUTTON of success.  I will personally review these tools to see if they have any value at all.  Giving you the inside scoop BEFORE you spend a dime and waste more of your time.  At every turn, I will try to retrace the origin of that product to see if there is a simple work-around, or if the product has any real world value.  Think of me as your personal shopper, now you can stop signing up for all the crazy launches that seemingly happen every three days.

I will leave you with this…

YouTube® is the melting pot of all online videos and is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet.  It’s bigger than broadcast networks which would be one channel with a wide audience and bigger than a local cable company which has hundreds of channels for a local region of viewers.  Needless to say, it helps to be found on YouTube because it is owned by the giant GOOGLE®.

FaceBook® on the other hand, is the second largest website on the internet and has the online population of a large country and growing daily.  It is by far the greatest place to pinpoint customers on the internet.  The issue that is developing is that while it is a HUGE sandbox it is filling up with more marketers of all kinds and will reach a balance of people becoming blind to the ads and not getting enough of their friends in their timeline.  I will admit I can’t pretend to know when it would become less effective to use Facebook but I have noticed this myself.

Twitter® the 3rd largest social media platform just added VIDEO to the mix with an incredibly powerful acquisition of Peirscope®.  Periscope uses the power of twitter to engage your twitter followers with a live stream.  It is push button easy and has an incredible viral quality.  HSTV has the ability to grab one or all of your scopes for you and repost them to HSTV and syndicate them across the network of affiliated sites.

HomeSearchTV.com® is most like a channel on a cable network with the reach of a broadcast station.  I like to use the analogy how there are now two or three cooking channels, Food Network and The Cooking Channel.  Lifetime and Bravo showing programs for women.  I can’t even begin to compare all the news networks, seriously there is not that much news, its just that each puts their own spin on it.  HSTV wants to pull together all the Real Estate professionals and offer a channel on a network of one singular theme – the community and lifestyle of your own area.

The HSTV Promise

Post your video to HSTV for free!  Yup F.R.E.E. just mail the link to your video to Post(@)HomesearchTV.com  we will do our best to post it as soon as possible.  We can not guarantee the speed at which it will be posted due to varying submissions and anchor priority.

Join today as an anchor and get your very own personalized URL HomeSearchTV.com/Your.Name.  Your membership will include all of the benefits of becoming an HSTV anchor.

Priority listing posting – under 48 hours – geo-tagged and optimized for search

Custom URL – based on WordPress with optimal theme and collection of plugins  

This is your very own WordPress site you control

Weekly Mastermind Webinars

Cheatsheets on video creation and production

EXTRAS available for a limited time and YOURS TO KEEP

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